Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Argentina Week 4

I had another great week this week. We had zone conference on Wednesday and talked alot about preach my gospel chapter 1, and how to find people to teach. That night we did service for a family cutting their grass.
Thursday not much happened. We were contacting almost all of the day and walking a lot.
Friday was interesting. Friday mornings there are always a lot of people selling stuff in a field close to where we live. We went and I bought a 3.5 kilo (8 pound) bag of cereal for only about 5 dollars, which was a really good deal haha. Later that day I gave my first blessing in Spanish. That night we the water wasn't working, and there were so many bugs in our room, so we had to sleep in the other elders room with them.
Saturday we didn't have working water until the afternoon. We had to use the water at the church to brush our teeth and stuff. Then we had another service project, cutting grass for another member. That night we were contacting again. There was an activity where we played soccer at the church which was fun. Also, some people spray painted bad stuff about mormons on the bus stop right across the street from our pension, which is kinda scary.
Sunday we went to church and got our investigator Lorena to come with us. After church, these people from an Evangelic Church were outside and they invited us to thier church, and we said we would go if they go to ours. Their church was very different. They had loud music, guys playing guitar and drums, and shouting and clapping and things like that. One part, they told everyone to jump if they love Jesus or something like that. It was very uncomfortable but luckily we had an appointment and had to leave early haha. I hope they actually come to our church.
Monday we were contacting almost all day again, because our investigators canceled our appointments with us. We found a few good future investigators.
Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning, and contacting and taught a few investigators. We had dinner with a member late at night, and got lost like 30 minutes because it was foggy and rainy.
The last few days it's been raining alot. The weather went from really hot to cold in like one day, which is weird.
Anyways this week in my study I got to 3rd Nephi in the Book of Mormon. It's cool to see how the Savior taught the same things he taught in the book of Matthew in the bible. It's cool to think that His teachings are perfect and for everyone in the world. Everyone deserves the opportunity to know of God's plan for us, which is why it is important to share the Gospel with as many people we can. We never know who will accept it in their lives.
I can't wait until General Conference next week!

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