Monday, November 28, 2016

Argentina ~week 89

> This week was another great and successful week!
> On Tuesday we had district meeting. In the afternoon we found two new investigators Laura and her daughter Abril. We taught the restoration and Laura said she felt it was true se we invited her to baptism on the 17th. She wasn't able to go to church this week, but wants to go next week. Hopefully everything goes well with her. Then we did contacting the rest of the week.
> On Wednesday we did lots of contacting, and taught the Bravo family again and taught the the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
> Thursday morning we visited less actives with a member, and in the afernoon went contacting.
> On Friday we did weekly planning. We had an appointment in the afternoon, with a new investigator, but he wasn't home. so we contacted a few doors and a guy named eduardo let us in and we taught him. He doesn't go to any church, but said our message was interesting and he'd like to investigate more.
> Saturday we went to the far part of our area in the morning. We didn't know that not very many people live there and that they are mostly tourists, so we couldn't achieve much. In the afternoon we taught the Bravo family and started reading the book of mormon with them.
> Sunday we had church. Unfortunately none of our investigators were able to come. Then we had the asado that our investigators invited us too (see picture below). They are cool people, we talked to them in the street last week and they asked us a lot of questions and we became good friends, and they invited us to eat asado with them. They ask alot of things about the church, and they like how we can always answer them and how they always make sense. Also they said they feel good whenever we visit them. Then we just kept contacting and looking for previously contacted people.
> Anyways, that's about it for this week. Have a great week everyone!
> -Elder Severtson

Monday, November 21, 2016

Argentina ~week 88

Subject: A great, successful week!

This week that we had was very good and we were able to accomplish alot.
So on Tuesday we were contacting pretty much all day. We found a new investigator named Claudio, who is from the evangelical church, but left them because he doesn't like how they always talk about weath and temporal things. We taught him the restoration and he agreed to read and pray.
On Wednesday we did lots of contacting again. We clapped at a door and a guy named Javier came out and invited us in and we shared a message with him, his wife, and his mom. They are really cool investigators, they used to live in my old area, they have and uncle and cousins that are mormon, and they really liked us and actually asked us to come back again. It was really cool.
Thursday we had the traveling Elders with us. They are elders that go visit all the areas and help contact and find new investigators. We did lots of contacting with them and found 3 new investigators.
Friday morning, we did a service project for our branch president's family and helped them move lots of stuff, because they are building a new house. In the afternoon we did more contacting, and then had dinner with hermano Cardozo.
Saturday we did weekly planning in the morning, then had lunch. In the afternoon we visited Javier and his family again. Then are reading and praying and they like everything we teach them. The difficulty with them is that Javier is on house arrest for robbing alot when he was younger. He's trying to see if he can get permission to go to church still, and we're praying that they'll let him.
Sunday we had church in the morning. Then we had lunch, and left to go contacting. We started talking with two young couples outside talking, they asked us alot of questions and we ended up talking for more than an hour. They told us to come by next week.
So it was a really good week. We ended up with 11 new investigators, who are all pretty interested.
Anyways, here's a picture we took by the entrance of our area.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

Monday, November 14, 2016

Argentina ~week 87

Subject: A busy, but great week!

So this week was kinda crazy, but it was really great!
On Tuesday we had district meeting, then lunch with the Gerez family, then contacting all afternoon.
On Wednesday we had to leave around noon because Elder Rasband was coming to visit the mission. We had a 6 hour bus ride, and spent the night with other Elders.
On Thursday we met Elder Rasband in the morning. He chose to shake everyone's hand. He talked about the inspiration of our mission calls and areas, and told us that if we are complaining about our area, companion, ward or anything, that we are mocking the Lord. Then he talked alot about revelation. That afternoon I had to do migrations paperwork. And I spent the night up there again.
Friday I did more migrations paperwork, and had another 6 hour busride to my area and got back around 10 pm.
Saturday we just contacted basically all day.
Sunday after church we kept contacting. and then had dinner with Hermano Cardozo.
Today we had district activity and played on the beach. A dog stole a football we brought and it took like an hour to get it back.
And that's about all this week. Here is a picture of the entire mission.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

Monday, November 7, 2016

Argentina ~week 86

> Hi Everyone! This week was great, and very busy.
> On Tuesday we had District Meeting, then I had an exchange with our district leader's companion in Santa Teresita.
> On Wednesday we finished the exchange, and it was raining very hard, but we visited a few less actives and contacted people.
> Thursday we did some contacting in one of the rich parts of our area, not very much success, but we found a few people that could become future investigators.
> Friday we had Zone Conference in Pinamar. We had to get up a 5:50, travel a few hours, and we got back at like 7 pm. They talked alot about having faith and raising the bar.
> Saturday we got a new investigator named Carmen in the morning. Then we had lunch with Hermano Cardozo. Then we did lots of contacting and found about 20 people that told us we could come back another day.
> Sunday we had church. There were 21 people there. Then we brought the sacrament to the other 2 elders in our ward, because one has chicken pox, but he's getting better. Then we did some contacting and had dinner with Hermano Cardozo.
> This next week is going to be busy too. We have the privilege to listen to Elder Rasband from the 12 apostles on Thursday. It takes about 6 hours on a bus to get back to our mission offices, so I'll be traveling alot this week, but It'll be a great week!
> picture: asado we ate this week.
> Have a great week everybody!
> -Elder Severtson