Monday, March 2, 2015

Argentina Week 1

Hey Everyone!
So, on Tuesday, I arrived here in Argentina after a long flight!
We landed here around noon, met the mission presidency, and started driving (we drove by the buenos aires temple, which was awesome)
First we went to the mission president's house and had pizza (which is quite different from American pizza, it has tomato slices on top) and empanadas. Then we talked about training and stuff for a couple hours. My mission president is really cool and nice. His name is President Thurgood and he is from Utah.
After a few hours all the trainers came, and we were told who our companions were. Mine is Elder Torres. He is really cool and he is from Chile. He doesn't know a lot of English but we get along well. I've attached a picture of him. This is his last transfer here. Then we left to go to our area. It's called El Parque B. It took forever to get there because one of the trains we had to take was shut down. The transportation is really weird, everyone just crams onto the trains and stuff. We had to take 3 different buses. One of them, a guy (I think he was drunk) was laying on my luggage. Also the buses are very dirty.
We got to our room at like 10 PM here. It was very hot and hard to sleep the first night, and there are tons of mosquitos.
Wednesday, we took the bus into town so I could withdraw money. Then, we ate at an old couple's house and had some type of spaghetti stuff, which was good. We gave a blessing to someone, and went to the mutual they had that night.
Thursday we did some tracting and stuff.
I don't have much more time to write this, so I'll hurry...
Friday morning, we had a trainers and new missionary meeting which was cool.
We spent a lot of time tracting and talking to people the last few days.
Saturday night and Sunday morning we had stake conference... I could hardly understand anything, besides our mission president and his wife. Americans are way easier to understand speaking spanish than everyone else...
My Spanish is improving a lot though, but I feel like I can say a lot more than I can understand at the moment.
Anyways, everything is going great! I like it here, even though it's hot and there's lots of mosquitos. Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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