Monday, March 16, 2015

Argentina week 3

Hola everybody!
This week was another great week! My Spanish is continuing to improve and my teaching too! Heres some info about our investigators:
Vanesa is 45, not married and has 5 kids. We recently started teaching her. She hasn't gone to church yet, she says it's hard because she doesn't have power on the weekends, but she always seems excited for us to teach her more.
Franco is married to a less active woman. We've taught them twice, but I was on exchanges the second time. His wife is remembering the teachings of the gospel and wanting to go back to church it seems.
Rosio is 19 and is living with a 35 year old Pablo, who is less active. They have been being taught for a long time. We need them to get married and then we will be able to baptise them, but they just seem to procrastinate that.
Luis and Lorena are a couple in their 30s. Both investigators, and have a few kids. We also just need them to get married and start going to church.
We have a few other new investigators. Hopefully, they'll continue to progress.

Anyways twice this week I was on exchanges with District and Zone Leaders. It was cool to see the other areas in the zone. The power goes out here about once a week and lasts usually a couple hours. Besides that, this week wasn't too different, alot of teaching less actives and contacting. On Saturday we had an Elder's Quorum party thing, and had Asada, some really good meat here. One day, a drunk guy came up to us asking us a bunch of stuff, and asking us to teach him, but he probably won't remember us. :)

This week in my personal study I was reading in Alma in the Book of Mormon around chapters 35-45. I like when Moroni is preparing the Nephites for war. When they are very out numbered, they still when because they were prepared. It's very similar to having the Gospel in our lives, because we are out numbered, but as long as we have our armor we will survive! I also liked how Moroni said he sent spies on the Lamanites, but didn't think of it as a sin or cheating because it was for their good cause. Haha, the devil may be the cheater in our daily battles, he's always watching us and knows our weaknesses. Anyways, just always be prepared!

Anyways, have a great week everybody!
-Elder Severtson

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