Monday, May 30, 2016

Argentina ~week 63

This week was a pretty good week. It rained alot and got super cold so there weren't alot of people walking around to talk to.
So on Tuesday we had zone meeting. We talked alot about Jesus Christ and how he helps us overcome our weaknesses. Then we had lunch with the Kiss Family. After that we had an appointment with and new investigator, but she wasn't home, so we just went contacting the rest of the day.
Wednesday morning we visited Felisa, then had lunch with the Alvarez family. After that we gave a blessing to a lady who was sick and contacted a few referrals. We got new investigators, the Ledesma family. And then our missionary correlation was cancelled because of the holiday.
Thursday we were setting appointments with people and contacting all day, then we taught olga.
Friday we did weekly planning. Then we went to another appoingment but it got cancelled. After lunch we went contacting all day again.
Saturday we had lunch with the Jerez family. They are a really funny old couple. The husdband says a prayer every time before he takes a pill, haha. Then there was smoke outside and the lady called the fire station but it was just someone burning their trash because that's what they do here. It was pretty funny. That night there was a baptism in the other ward we shard a building with.
Sunday we had church. There were only 45 people because of the rain, but our convert Leandro went. Then we had lunch and went to an appointment with a new investigator, but it got cancelled. We just did contacting the rest of the day.
Any ways, it was a pretty good week. Very cold, but we're doing good. We're excited because we already have several appointments for this week to get new investigators.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Argetnina ~week 62

So this week was a pretty good and busy week.
On Tuesday we had zone conference. We talked about how to work with members, and how to  get referrals. it was pretty good. After that we went out to work and contacted some people.
Wednesday we went to visit Olga but she wasn't home. We contacted until lunch and kept contacting after. At night we had misisonary correlation.
Thursday was also all contacting except for looking for a few people who ended up not being home. Executive committee meeting was cancelled also.
Friday morning we had weekly planning. The rest of the day was contacting except for we visited a less active for about an hour.
Saturday we contacted all day. We went around offering to help people with things like raking leaves, but not very many accepted. That night we had English classes but nobody showed up.
Sunday we went to church. Felisa didn't go again, but Leandro did. He is going to receive the priesthood next week. Then we had lunch and went contacting the rest of the day.
Today we played soccer in Villa España, which is an area close to my old area. When we left, I saw my old convert Elba, from Hudson which was cool.
Anyways this was a very busy week. We didn't get any new investigators, but next week I'm sure we will.
Here are a few experiences that happened:
we talked to an evangelical lady who told us we baptize dead people and that the mormons are the 7 headed lion it talks about in Revelations. She refused to listen to us and walked off.
We offered to help a lady rake leaved, and she completely ignored us as if she were deaf.
Anyways that's it. I forgot to bring my camera here today so I can't send any pictures.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

Monday, May 16, 2016

Argentina ~week 61

So, I don't have very much more time to write, so I'm writing pretty fast right now.
Monday night we had asado with the Silva family.
Tuesday we had lunch with the Kiss family, and then visited Felisa.
Wednesday morning we taught Olga again. She hasn't been praying or reading so we talked about that. If she doesn't, we might have to drop her soon. We had lunch with the Alvarez family. Then we did some contacting that afternoon.
Thursday morning we had district meeting. We had lunch with the Silva family and then did contacting because the executive committee was cancelled this week.
Friday we did weekly planning, had lunch with hermana cabrera, and did contacting a little, then my companion didn't feel very well.
Saturday we did service in the morning for an old couple, the Jerez family, then stayed for lunch. At night we taught English classes.
Sunday morning we had church. After church we took a selfie with the other elders, because the had the traveling elder stay with them. But my camera was on gif mode so it turned out funny. So I attached it here. The rest of the day my companion didn't feel very good so we had to stay home.
Anyways that's it for this week. Not very much happened, but this week we'll be working hard. Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

Monday, May 9, 2016

Argentina ~week 60

This week went very good. It was kinda crazy with lots of things to do at the end of the transfer.
Tuesday morning we had the last district meeting of the transfer. After that we went back to the pension for lunch, and then went and taught Leandro and looked for new investigators.
Wednesday morning we taught Olga again. She started reading the Book of Mormon on her own. She has some trouble understanding and remembering the things she reads, but we read with her too. She hadn't been praying though so we left the the committment to do that. After that we had lunch, and taught Leando the rest of the Laws and Ordinances that he needed before his baptism. That afternoon we went contacting, and went to missionary correlation.
Thursday morning we went contacting. Our convert Felisa invited us to asado for lunch which was really good. I have a picture of me with one of her grandchildren who is very funny, and a picture of the asado. We were contacting the rest of the day then we went to executive committee meeting.
Friday morning we had weekly planning. Then we had lunch and went out to work. We found a new investigator Ramon who talks really fast and is kind of hard to understand, but he's willing to talk to us so we're gonna see if he will progress. He's funny because he says 'Amen Brother' after everything we say. That night a family invited us to eat homemade pizza at the church,
Saturday we had to go to the church pretty early to get the baptism ready by filling up the water and stuff. We had organized that Leandro's friend Rodney was going to bring him to the church for the baptism, because Leandro doesn't have a phone or very much money to use the bus. Anyways, about an hour before, Rodney tells us that he can't go because he's at a friends house like 2 hours away. We had to call Rodney's family to go look for Leandro and go with him. He showed up 30 minutes late but everything turned out alright. In our hurry, I didn't get a picture with them so I just sent the picture of him with my companion. After the baptism we had English classes.
Sunday morning we had Ward Council meeting. The first one in over 6 months in this ward because they kept cancelling it. At 9:00 Leandro shows up at church, but our ward starts at 10:00. Apparently he didn't want to show up late again, haha. I did the confirmation for him, and I think he'll be receiving the priesthood next week. After church we had lunch, and then went to Skype.
This morning we had transfers meeting. I stayed with my companion again. Elder Pruner who lived with us went to an area in the zone Florencio Varela. And now we live with Elder Doddema, one of my old district leaders. A few other people in our district and zone changed, but not much.
Anyways, that's it for today. Here's the pictures below:
One of our district, a picture of our baptism of Leandro, lunch today, me with bautista one of Felisa's grandchildren, the asado she gave us, and a picture of the tshirts we made with the district.
Anyways it was a very busy week but everything turned out great. We're looking forward to another transfer together and lots of hard work.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Argentina ~week59

This week was pretty good except for getting a little sick at the end. We had a ward activity and baptismal interview.
On Tuesday we had District Meeting in the morning. After that we had lunch and went with a member, Danny, to visit someone we met in the street named María. She talked to us about alot of weird stuff like Buddha and told us about how she communicated with her dead son. Lots of weird stuff, she was crazy.
Wednesday in the morning we went to visit Olga but she wasn't home, so we just contacted a few people. After lunch we taught Leandro. We talked to him about the priesthood and the importance of living righteously. He told us that he wants to make those changes in his life, but didn't know if he was ready to make and keep that promise. After that we had missionary correlation meeting.
Thursday morning we had exchanges with our District Leader. Pretty much the entire day we were contacting people in the streets and recontacting ones that we talked to before, without too much luck. That night we had executive committee meeting.
Friday morning we finished the exchanges and then did weekly planning. That day we visited Facundo, a young man in the ward who is 18, and has been having lots of problems because alot of his friends use drugs and drink. He also told us he hasn't been praying so we read D&C 10:5 to him and talked about it. Then we visited Leandro again to talk about more of the commandments he needs to keep after baptism. We asked him lots of questions like if he thought he was ready. He told us he didn't think he was ready yet, and also that he hadn't been praying. We read Alma 34 the verses about prayer, and told him he can pray to Heavenly Father and communicate with Him about anything he needs. We left him the commitment to pray morning and night, and really think about the things he gives thanks for and asks for. This helped him alot because he is shy and doesn't talk alot. Then we visited Olga and read the beginning of Moroni 10:1-9 I think, and talked to her about the importance of reading and asking, because she hasn't been reading.
Saturday we had a ward activity almost all day where we ate Locro (a type of stew or something) because of Día del Trabajador (Labor Day here). It was pretty good. I had a sore throat and was kinda sick, but nothing too bad. That night we had English Classes again. I kinda lost my voice from teaching while being sick.
Sunday I could hardly talk all day. We went to church in the morning. Our investigator Leandro came to church all alone, because his friends the Silva family couldn't make it. He came up to us and told us he started praying and wants to get baptized which was awesome. Right after church he had his baptismal interview and passed, so he will be baptized on Saturday. After church and the interview, we had lunch, and visited Felisa because she didn't make it to church because she had no money for the bus, and a few other people.
Today we played soccer in the church for PDay.
Anyways that's about all for this week. After working hard all week we were blessed with the opportunity to held Leandro get ready for baptism, which was awesome.
Here's a video that me, Elder Pruner and Elder Meza made on our balcony because we were bored. The music is Go Down Moses by LowerLights. And a picture of the Locro Activity. I'll send another email with more pictures.