Monday, March 16, 2015

Argentina Week 3 - Answers to Dad's Questions plus Videos

This week was good. Nothing too exciting happened. I went on companionship excahanges twice, once with district leaders and once with zone leaders. Most people feed us the same foods. I've had pizza so many times, and empanadas, arroz con queso (cheese rice), and some chicken stuff. We don't have anyone too close too baptism. We spend a lot of time with less actives, because there's tons of them. Our investigators are going good though, the hardest thing here is getting them to get married. They are scared that if they get married, they'll end up getting divorced.
Spanish is going good. I notice some progression, but others say they notice a lot. I guess it's getting easier to understand the people. Yeah, I feel I'm learning way faster than in the MTC, because everyone doesn't speak like an american. By the way, the call us Yankees here, kinda like how mexicans call the americans gringos, except they pronounce it like 'shawnkee' or close to that. Most days I still speak some English. Elder Torres sometimes asks questions in English so he can practice.
We haven't had too much meat here surprisingly. Saturday we had Asada which is like the equivalent of barbecue here, it was good. It was for an Elders Quorum meeting or something.
The ward here is good. I play piano for priesthood. They have electronic pianos/organs so they have an actual organist for sacrament meeting. Yeah, there are a few strong members, and tons of less actives. My area is a poorer area. Mostly dirt roads and stuff. It's not the city or anything like that. It's about as poor as they get here. I usually feel safe. I don't really feel like I'm in a bad area. We only carry around like 10 pesos which is like a dollar though. The mission office has my passport and stuff, and I just keep the credit card in my room. I have'nt used my credit card yet. By the way, is there a 4 digit pin that I should know for it? In case I need to get personal money to buy something? We were going to in the first week, but it asked for a pin that I didn't know.
Yeah, what you said about the rooms is about the same for me. There's always tons of mosquitoes and stuff, but it's getting better.
Yup, I updated my camera, but the things still won't let me log in. Just always says incorrect password or something. I still take pictures at high quality though. I have two videos today. One inside our room, and the other on top of our building. It's cool, there's stairs to go up there.
I think next PDay is moved to next wednesday because of a holiday. So I'll email you then...
-Elder Severtson

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