Monday, October 26, 2015

Argentina ~Week 34

So Tuesday morning we had Zone Meeting. On Tuesdays we normally switch off between 2 families for lunches. But this week one family gave us lunch to go, and after we ate, the other family called and said they were waiting for us. They forgot they gave us lunch the week before, so basically we had to eat 2 lunches, it was crazy. Also that night we had mission correlation meeting.
Wednesday morning we went to go visit some less actives people told us about, and we also talked with some old investigators. Anyways, we had a lesson with 2 of the old investigators that night so now we have 2 more investigators, but they don't know how to read so it's a little hard.
Thursday we did service moving dirt in the morning, and also contacted some old investigators. We talked with some recent converts that night too.
Friday we talked with some less actives who left the church because the church said they lost their baptism records and might need to get baptized again, so we're trying to see what we can do about it.
Saturday we found some more old investigators who told us to visit them this week, so hopefully that goes good. and we visited some other less actives.
Sunday my companion got a flat tire on the way to our lunch so we were walking and found a less active who invited us to give her a blessing and visit her later in the week. After lunch we contacted a few more references and had a meeting with our ward mission leader.
That's about all we did this week. Sorry, I don't have any pictures again, hopefully next week I will.
Have a great week everyone!

Argentina~week 33

First of all I want to say Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there. Yesterday was mother's day here. I think we're the only country that celebrates it in October and not in May, haha
Tuesday we had district meeting, and we went to contact some of the referrals we've received and look for some old investigators.
Wednesday morning we were looking for a less active family someone told us about, but we couldn't find it because we received the wrong direction. Then we visited a less active family close by and they mentioned the person we were going to visit and it turns out it was their grandson, and he lives right behind them.
Thursday I was sick with a cold. We visited some less actives. At night we had an appointment planned to teach an investigator in the house of some less actives, but they didn't show up.
Friday we had weekly planning in the morning, and then we visited some less actives and looked for some old investigators.
Saturday we visited a bunch of less active families. We had an appointment planned that night with recent converts but they texted us to cancel the appointment. A few minutes after a family called us to invite us to come eat pizza with them.
Sunday was Mother's Day here in Argentina. We got a family to go to church the first time in like 5 years. Many people told us they didn't think the family was ready to come back, and that before lots of elders had gone to teach them but couldn't reactivate them. When we went we realized that they were ready now and we were able to help them with some problems they had. Hopefully they keep going to church now.
Anyways that's about it. I don't have any pictures today, but hopefully next week I will.
Have a great week everyone!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Argentina~week 32

So, like I said last week I started training this week! My new companion is Elder Rios from Paraguay. He doesn't speak English and he likes to play Hockey.
Anyways, Tuesday we just went and got our new companions. We received our new companions then got to ride in taxis to our pension. Then we went to the ward activity that night so he could meet the members.
Wednesday, we had district meeting in the morning. After that and lunch, we had a few appointments that got cancelled, but we tried contacting new people but nobody would answer the door.
Thursday we visited a few less actives. We are working hard with a family who used to be really active, and they are wanting to come back to church. That night my bike got a flat tire and we had to bring our washed clothes back which was pretty heavy, and most of it was uphill.
Friday we had a training reunion in the morning. After that we did weekly planning, and had a family night with a family.
Saturday we were working on organizing the area book in the morning. It took quite a while because elders in the past had put alot of things all over the place so we organized it and now it's alot better. In the afternoon, almost all our appointments got cancelled, so we tried contacting. We went like 3 blocks knocking on almost every door but nobody accepted us. My companion was a little nervous to try contacting because of all that so he didn't try yet. We had an appointment with recent converts that night.
Me and my companion are trying hard to get referrals from members because it's alot better than contacting. Also, the other day, some Elders gave us a referral of someone they talked to on the bus who speaks English, so maybe they'll like to talk to us!
Sunday after church and lunch my companion got a flat tire on his bike. Then we were only able to talk to people nearby.
Anyways, that's about it this week. Here are the pictures we took my companions first day!
Have a great week!
-Elder Severtson

Monday, October 5, 2015

Argentian~week 31

So this week went by like super fast because we were always going on exchanges and stuff because my companion was in his last week. We had to travel a lot, and my companion had to say goodbye to lots of people.
Tuesday we had district meeting, which went well. Afterwards we had a few different lesson with less actives.
Wednesday my companion had interviews for his last week. I was with Elder Rubilar in my district, and we worked a little in both our areas.
Thursday my companion got permission to visit someone from his old area in the hospital. Besides that we just taught a few recent converts.
Friday I was on exchanges again as my companion was in the temple. We worked in both of our areas again.
Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference. My companion said goodbye to lots of people also.
Today we had Transfers meeting in the morning and I'm with an Elder Kavea from Australia until I get my new companion tomorrow. I will be training someone tomorrow.
Here is a video from my birthday attached