Monday, July 25, 2016

Argentina ~week 71

This was a pretty cool and busy week. And we got to end it with the Tribute to Argentina which was awesome!
On Tuesday in District Meeting we all discussed our investigators and their doubts/problems that keep them from progresesing, and gave ideas to help them. Then I returned to my area with Elder Flores, and mini missionary in my district that I have to do an exchange with. We went to go look for a lot of the people that we couldn't find during the White Storm, and at night we had English Classes.
On Wednesday morning we kept looking for people from the White Storm, just in a different area. We had lunch with the Ifrán family, and the finished the exchange we were on. That afternoon we went contacting, and found a few more people from the white storm. At night we had ward family night in the church.
Thursday we went contacting in the morning, then had lunch in the pension. We went to some appointments that ended up getting cancelled, and then had dinner with a member and went home.
Friday morning we did our weekly planning, then we left to go contacting a bit. Then we went to the tribute in La Plata, where 4 of the 7 stakes in our mission were invited. They showed pictures of everyone and I got to see lots of my old companions. The songs were really cool too, and president talked to us a bit before.
Saturday we went to an appointment with a family whose father died who was less active. But they didn't answer... Then we went to mission correlation, which nobody told us it was cancelled because the ward mission leader couldn't go, or the sister missionaries either.. That afternoon I got to go to the other performance of the tribute they did, because they asked me to film it for the live streaming. It was cool, because I got to see the rest of the people I didn't see before.
Sunday we went to church, had lunch with a member, and did some contacting in the cold.
Pictures this week:
I found Gobstoppers!
A picture of me, the 3 elders I trained, one of them is training for his 3rd time, and one of them just started training. It's me, my 3 sons, and 4 grandchildren.
And remember last year I got a minions cup by finding 3 bottle caps that say "promo" on them? This year they had the same promo but with Ice Age. We didn't actually buy any of the juice bottles though, we just found them in the litter on the streets, haha.
Anyways, that's about it this week. Next week is transfers, and I'm probably staying!
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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