Monday, July 4, 2016

Argentina ~week 68

So this was a pretty good week. It rained all week and was super cold.
Anyways, Tuesday we had district meeting. We all took turns sharing about some of our investigators and their doubts and talking about how to help them. That took way longer than I thought so I didn't get to share what I had planned for after that. But that's alright. Then we had lunch in the pension went to some appointments that weren't home, but we contacted alot of people. We found a lady who talked with missionaries before, then they just disappeared. After that we had ward council.
On Wednesday we taught our investigador MarĂ­a. Her son got baptized a few years ago and recently left on a mission. She wants to go to church but can't because she work Sundays, Saturdays and holidays. Then we had lunch with a family, went to some appointments that got cancelled and taught a less active family. Then went to a family night in the church.
Thursday morning we just contacted more people to teach and then had lunch in the pension. We went to som appointments we had set up, but they weren't home, and then we had dinner with a guy in the ward.
On Friday we did weekly planning in the morning. After all that we went to a far away part in our area where it's mostly field, and it had been raining the past few days so it's all muddy. We taught Ruben, a new investigator, who was a referral from a member close by. We hope to visit him again this week and bring the member with us. We also found a lady that at first said she didn't have any interest, but then I told her about the Book of Mormon and Jesus in the Americas and she became more interested. It was just interesting to me because I thought about the importance of testifying, instead of just accepting that they aren't interested, or even worse, arguing. When we share part of the truth it helps people have more interest in the Gospel, and gives the Holy Ghost the oportunity to testify to them.
Saturday we cleaned the church in the morning, and then had correlation meeting. We walked around almost all day and got soaked. We were able to visit a less active family though.
Sunday we had church in the morning. Only 33 people came, because it rained alot. Then we had lunch with a member, and went out to work. It kept raining hard until the end of the day.
Today for 4th of July we had a Zone Activity and we all brought different foods. I brough Jello, haha. It was pretty fun.
Sorry, I don't have any pictures this week, I'll try better next week though.
Anyways, have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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