Monday, July 11, 2016

Argentina ~week 69

So this week was a pretty busy week for several reasons, but it went great!
On Tuesday we had District Meeting, which I taught about the section on how to be a successful missionary in Preach My Gospel. Then we came back, had lunch, and went to contact some people. We found a less active named Martín, who think he has everything religion all figured out, and he told us that Jesus was really and alien and alot of other weird stuff. Then we went to English Classes.
On Wednesday in the morning we had interviews with the mission president. It went fast as usual, and it was good. Then we had to get on the bus to come home, carry bags with lots of pamphlets and other stuff we asked for, and a box of book of mormons so it was all really heavy. After that we had lunch with a member family, Ifrán, and went contacting until the ward family night.
Thursday in the morning we went to contact people. We had lunch at home, then we went to a few appointments we had set. The first one got cancelled, and the second one almost. But we got a new investigator, Eduardo, and his wife Karina is also and investigator. We started talking and he asked us if there really is a life after this life so we taught them the plan of salvation. Then we had dinner with a member, Ramiro.
Friday morning we had to go to La Plata and I did a baptismal interview for a 13 year old kid. It was a cool experience. That afternoon we were planning stuff for the white storm we will have next saturday. That's when all the missionaries in the zone or stake come to work in one area for a few hours. We had to update our maps, because they changed all the road numbers a while ago, and our maps have the old ones.
Saturday morning we finished doing that, and had mission correlation meeting. In the afternoon we had an appointment get cancelled, and we went to another area to update our maps. Then we had to go to La Plata again to do 3 more baptismal interviews, for 3 other kids ages 13, 11 and 9.
Sunday we had church. I had to give a talk about fasting, and the asked me to make is 5 minutes longer (15 in total) because someone didn't show up, It went good though. In the afternoon we brought a member to go with us to two appointments with new investigators, but they both cancelled on us.
Today we went to Walmart to see if they had anything cool. It was only like a 30 minutes busride.
Pictures: A lot of pensions have big area maps, but the mission doesn't make them anymore so we printed one, glued it together, and put it on styrofoam to put pins in it for our investigators, less actives, etc.
Me and Walmart, and I bought Peanut Butter, and Tabasco sauce :)
Anyways, that's it this week. We're really excited for next week with the White Storm (Tormenta Blanca) and everything. It'll be great!
Have a great week everybody!
-Elder Severtson

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