Monday, June 1, 2015

Argentina~ Week 14

Another great week this week as usual!
I'm noticing I'm being able to talk a lot better than before. It's weird how we don't see the progress we're making until we look back randomly one day and realize how much we've changed.
On Tuesday we had zone conference. We talked a lot about Recognizing and Relying on the spirit. I felt sick in the morning but we still went. But when we got home I had bad headaches and was throwing up the rest of the day and Wednesday. I think I had a fever or the flu. But by Thursday I was all better.
Thursday we taught one of our investigators. She keeps telling us she is already baptized, and doesn't want to join our church, just wants to learn. I hope we can help her understand about the priesthood and authority to baptize, we will focus on that next time.
Friday we went to the fair and set up a booth to give out pamphlets and Book of Mormons (see picture attached). It actually was a really good way to find people who are interested, and we talked to lots of people who are less active and want us to come teach them.
Friday night we got new investigators. We talked to them in the street a few days back, and they gave us their address and said they are in a hurry. We talked to them and found out they have have been living together a few years and have 2 young kids, but a few months ago they decided to get married which is really rare here. Normally it's really hard to help investigators get married, but they said they just felt like they should. Hopefully it keeps going well with them. This experience just reminds me that there are really people prepared to receive the gospel.
Saturday was busy because we had study, then service and lunch, then my companion had to interview someone for baptism, then we only had time to teach one of our new investigators. It's a mom living with only her daughter since she separated from her spouse. It's cool because there is a recent convert family with like exactly the same situation really close that we introduced to them and had them come visit with us.
Sunday we had church, lunch, weekly planning (we moved it from Friday to Sunday to go to the fair) and had time to teach one investigator that night.

Anyways, this week was really successful after enduring through being sick. Always remember that after hard times, things go really good afterwards.
Have a great week everyone!

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