Monday, June 29, 2015


Hola todos!
This week was great. We got a few new investigators that seem great so far. One of them kept asking us like perfect questions that missionaries want, like 'are there living profets today?' or 'How do I know which church is correct?', so we'll see how well it goes with them.
On Wednesday the mission paid for all missionaries to get new blankets because it's been really cold. Since that day it randomly got hot again and we can't use them because it's too hot, haha. But recently it's been raining a lot, so it'll probably cool down again.
Friday night we had the baptismal interview of two of our investigators. They both passed and I'll be baptizing them on the 4th of July!
Sunday only 21 people went to the church in our ward because it was raining so much. Normally we have like 80 or 90.
This morning we had transfers. Now I'm with Elder Pazmiño and Elder Racchumi in a trio. Because the mission is splitting this week, we will be in the East Mission. I think we are in a trio because missionaries went home today, but no new ones came because the East mission has transfers another day. We will have transfers in two weeks again.
2 of these pictures are of a part of our area really far that we can't go to very often. The other is from church on sunday when it rained a ton. I have other pictures I will sent in another email.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

Here are my new companions, Elder Pazmiño from Ecuador, who is from the other area of our ward, but we're in a trio for 2 weeks until next transfer. I think he is going to train when new elders arrive. And Elder Racchumi from Peru. They both have about a year in the mission.
Here is a picture of the Bayona family, who are less active, but are coming back to church and hopefully he'll be able to baptize his son.
Here is a picture of our investigators I'll be baptizing on Saturday!

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