Monday, June 22, 2015

Argentina~week 17

Another great and successful week this week. We have some investigators really close to baptism. It's getting really cold here, but I hear it doesn't get too much colder. Besides, we're getting new blankets this week.
This week we got several new investigators. They seem to have potential, but it'll be interesting teaching them because some of them don't know how to read.
We have 2 investigators getting interviewed for baptism this saturday. They seems really prepared for the gospel, and are always willing to keep commitments. It's really cool to see how readily they accept what we teach. It's funny because they always ask us things like 'can we come to church with you?' or 'we know someone who is interested in what you are teaching, can you teach them too?' when we are planning on asking them the same things, haha
Also a family where the parents got baptized 10 years ago, went one more week to church and haven't gone since. They moved since then and we found them through a reference and thought they weren't members at first. They are really interested to become active again and went this week. They want their 10 year old to get baptized, so we are teaching them all the lessons, and hopefully they can reactivate and baptize their son.

Pictures this week: I learned how to make homemade gummy bears, and a random picture from my companion after we had to shower at a member's house when we didn't have water.
Anyways, I think that's all this week. Have a great week everyone!

Hola! It was a good week!
Unfortunately me and my companion couldn't go to the fair, Thursday the mission office called and said we had to go do something for my visa. Every missionary has to go twice at the beginning of the mission, and then again after a year to renew the visa or something. We still got some new people that are interested because the other elders went.
It is getting pretty cold here, people say it's been colder than normal, which is good, because it shouldn't get too much colder then. Luckily I have enough stuff to stay warm.
The water is all fixed. We still don't know what happened, it just came back.
If I get transferred, it will just depend on which area I'm in. Almost half of our mission is going to the East mission, so I don't know.

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