Monday, May 4, 2015

Argentina week 10

I had another great week. Time feels like it is already going really fast! I can't believe my 2nd transfer is almost over.
This week it rained alot and was really cold. Almost all the roads we use are muddy now and its hard to walk, but it's alright.
We found quite a few new investigators this week.
One is the family Sautú. A single mother with 5 kids. 3 of them got baptized a few years ago, but are inactive now. One of them started going back to church 2 weeks ago when we met them. The Elder that baptized them is from Gilbert AZ, and they showed me some of his wedding pictures from the Gilbert temple because his mom is friends with him on Facebook. The rest of them said they agree to listen to the lessons again. The mom and 2 daughters aren't members, but they seem to have potential. The mom wants to quit smoking too, so we might be able to help.
A drunk guy on the road kept talking to us. He offered us wine haha. He kept saying the same things over and over. Hey kept saluting to me and saying 'si señor' and asking if that is how we greet eachother in the United States, haha. He also kept asking us why we're here and who sent us, haha
On Friday we planned an activity about potential with the young single adults. Quite a few came and it was very good.
On Saturday we had a family night activity with the ward about temples. We asked a few families to prepare short talks about different aspects of the temple like tithing, worthiness, eternal families. In the end, only one family showed up, and a few other single people. I think because it was cold. We all had to come up with stuff, because some of the families that said they'd give talked didn't show up, but oh well.
Anyways, That's about all this week! Have a great week everyone!

By the way, our mission is splitting soon to create the Buenos Aires East mission, so I might have a new mission. If I stay in my area then I will.
I think I'll be able to call around 4 PM here for Mothers Day.

-Elder Severtson

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