Monday, May 11, 2015

Argentina week 11

As always I'm having a great time here in Argentina. It was great to talk with my family yesterday for Mother's day
On Wednesday we had exchanges with the zone leaders. It was my first time staying in the area during exchanges and it went great.
On Thursday it rained a bunch again. The weather changes here so fast. Sometimes it's really cold and sometimes it hot. We taught some investigators and less actives, and at night a member family taught us how to make yokis (some type of pasta)
Friday we had appointments with several investigators, which went well.
Saturday morning we did service, moving wood and metal from one member family to another a few miles away in a wheelbarrow. My companion had to go interview a few people for baptism because he is district leader.
Sunday we had church and a few appointments with investigators and less actives. And then at night I skyped with my family.
Here are some videos I took from the bus so you can see what it's like here.

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