Monday, April 27, 2015

Argentina week 9

I had another great week learning so much!
This week was very busy but great!

On Monday the traveling Elders in our area came to stay with us for the week. They are in charge of evaluating the pensions and stuff, and said ours is very poor and they helped us clean and get new stuff. They called people to fix our water. Our pension didn't have hot water, we always showered in the pension of the other elders. Also, our sink was always leaking which was annoying. They got us new shelves, tables, desks, mirrors, utensils, plates, and cooking supplies. Also we have an iron now, and we're getting a new oven and refrigerator this week. And someone is coming to fix our doors, since our bedroom doesn't have a door and our other doors are a little broken.

On Tuesday we had interviews with the President, and cleaned a lot with the traveling elders, and only had a little time at night to visit a less active family.

On Wednesday we had district meeting. My companion was sick after that, so we just cleaned and studied a lot.

On Thursday we did service in the morning moving dirt and had lunch. A lot of our new stuff arrived so we had to move it all in. All of our appointments fell through, but we talked to our progressing investigator Vanesa, and she said she received an answer to her prayers, but was to busy for our lesson. She said she couldn't go to church because her nephew is getting baptized in a different church, but she really wanted to go to church still.

On Friday we had weekly planning and lunch with a less active family. We visited our Ward Mission Leader, who is inactive, and they said they'd go to church, but they didn't :(

Saturday we had service in the morning again, and had a few lessons later.

On Sunday we went to church, and weren't expecting any investigators because they all said they couldn't come. But, last week we went to the farther section of our area because we haven't done much there. The first house we tried contacting happened to have 2 less active girls around 12 years old, living with their mother who isn't a member. They got baptized a few years ago, then moved and weren't active since then. They said we can come back later, but we still haven't had the chance. But Sunday the 2 girls came to church. It's cool to see that we were guided to their house when we didn't know where we were. And then all they needed to come to church was to see us and remember about the church. It's cool how big of an influence we can have on peoples lives as missionaries and members.

Have a great week everyone!

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