Monday, May 18, 2015

Argentina~week 12

Hey, it's all going good! It's crazy how fast time goes here. Me and my companion are still together. Elder Lima, who lived with us left and now we have Elder Tyler. My companions great, he's really good at working. The only thing I don't like is sometimes he sleeps in like an hour or more, but I think he's getting better.
It's going good here. We're teaching quite a few people. I still don't do the majority of the talking, but I'm always able to say what I want, one way or another, and with some people, I can understand almost all of what they say.
Here is a map of where we live. Our pension is in the green door. If you look around, the church is close by. I've never seen the ocean here, but after looking at the map, it's closer than I thought.
No, we didn't see the broadcast, but I'll see if I can download it. On Sunday, we had the dedication of the cordoba temple though, which was cool.
Anyways, I'll let you know more stuff in my main email this week!

 It's going great here! I just started my 3rd transfer here in Argentina, and it's going great!
Tuesday I was on exchanges in another area. The past few days I've had a cold, but I'm almost all better now.
Wednesday and Thursday almost all the people we had planned to teach weren't home, but we found several new people that seem to have potential.
On Saturday we were going back to our pension for the night and a drunk guy came up to us asking for money. We told him we didn't have any, but he didn't believe us. He stuck his hands in our pockets, but we didn't have anything. So luckily we were alright, we didn't lost anything and nothing bad happened.
Sunday morning we had the opportunity to watch the temple dedication of the new cordoba temple from our stake center. It was great! Almost all of it was in Spanish. President Utchdorf gave the dedication in English, and there was a translator repeating everything. Elder Christofferson spoke there too, but in Spanish because he served his mission in Argentina. We had lunch with members and they showed us the video of the cultural celebration.
Anyways, It's been a great week and I'm looking forward to the next!
Have a great week everyone!
Elder Severtson

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