Monday, August 29, 2016

Argentina ~week 76

So this was another great week! We were able to contact several people and get some new investigators. Then there was a huge storm on Saturday and Sunday.
On Tuesday we had our District meeting and then went to visit some of the people we had contacted before. We got 2 new investigators, Marcela and Hector Moyano. They're about 60 years old and theyre siblings. They don't know how to read, and they're from the evanglical church, but they're less active there. They really liked our message, and they talked alot and wanted to come to church. Then we had English classes that night.
Wednesday morning we went contacting. We had lunch with the Ifrán family, a really cool old couple recent converts. We took a member with us to teach Graciela, a lady we've been trying to contact for more than a month and she finally changed her schedule to be able to talk with us. The lesson was alright. The member that was with us kept trying to confront her and telling her that her church isn't true. It was kinda uncomfortable, but I think we ended it well, she said we could come back. We visited a less active family close by and then went to ward family night in the church.
Thursday morning we went contacting, ate lunch in the pension, then went to find some people we had contacted earlier. We had a ward council that night.
Friday morning we had weekly planning, then lunch, and went to visit more people we had talked to before. We talked with a less active family then kept contacting the rest of the day.
Saturday there was a huge rainstorm. They say every year at the end of August there is a storm like that for the end of the cold. We had mission correlation meeting and planned the activity we are going to have on saturday, a ward talent show. We had a few appointments set, but they ended up getting cancelled.
Sunday It kept raining, just not as much. We had church and there weren't very many people because of the cold and the rain. Unfortunately none of our investigators came. We had lunch and went to look for some people we had contacted earlier.
Anyways, that's about it this week. It was a pretty good week, and hopefully we can visit with some of our investigators this week and invite them to church next week.
Have a great week everybody!
-Elder Severtson

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