Monday, August 15, 2016

Argentina ~week 74

So this week was pretty good. We were able to find 3 new investigators, 2 of which seem really good. And a dog bit my hand.
On Tuesday we had district meeting which went pretty well. After that we ate lunch in the pension and went to look for a few people we had contacted earlier. Then we went and taught English classes.
Wednesday we had lunch with the Ifrán family. Then hermano ifrán came with us to teach a new investigator Hilda. She's catholic, which is why we invited him, he was catholic until a few years ago. It was a really good lesson. Then a less active called us for a blessing for his wife who's about to have a baby. They're in the area of the hermanas in our ward, so we won't be able to teach them. Then we had ward family night.
Thursday morning we found a new investigator from a list of contacts. She's very evangelical and didn't want to accept very much of what we taught. We taught a less active lady, and did some contacting in the afternoon.
Friday we did weekly planning in the morning, ate lunch at home, and went contacting all afternoon.
Saturday was also contacting all day, except for mission correlation meeting. We went to the farthest part of our area to work, because we had lunch there. But we showed up and the hermano had forgotten. So we just bought a bag a cookies with the little amount of money we had. We went to contact lots of people we had met before, but hardly anyone was home.
Sunday we had church in the morning. Then went contacting and looked for more people we had talked to previously. We got a new investigator Nancy, who's mom died recently, and before she died she told her daughter to go back to church because they went to an evangelical church together before. Funny story: We went to contact a house and a cat came out and I started rubbing it and it scratched my hand. We were walking to another house, and I wasn't paying attention, I was looking at my hand which was starting to bleed from the cat, and a dog came and bit my other hand. haha I guess it wasn't really a funny story but I'm all right. It just bled alot but didn't hurt too bad. Maybe if I had read in the bible Philippians 3:2 earlier, I would've been alright.
Today we had zone activity and made tacos and played soccer.
Anyways here's pictures of my hands. I'm alright though. Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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