Monday, May 30, 2016

Argentina ~week 63

This week was a pretty good week. It rained alot and got super cold so there weren't alot of people walking around to talk to.
So on Tuesday we had zone meeting. We talked alot about Jesus Christ and how he helps us overcome our weaknesses. Then we had lunch with the Kiss Family. After that we had an appointment with and new investigator, but she wasn't home, so we just went contacting the rest of the day.
Wednesday morning we visited Felisa, then had lunch with the Alvarez family. After that we gave a blessing to a lady who was sick and contacted a few referrals. We got new investigators, the Ledesma family. And then our missionary correlation was cancelled because of the holiday.
Thursday we were setting appointments with people and contacting all day, then we taught olga.
Friday we did weekly planning. Then we went to another appoingment but it got cancelled. After lunch we went contacting all day again.
Saturday we had lunch with the Jerez family. They are a really funny old couple. The husdband says a prayer every time before he takes a pill, haha. Then there was smoke outside and the lady called the fire station but it was just someone burning their trash because that's what they do here. It was pretty funny. That night there was a baptism in the other ward we shard a building with.
Sunday we had church. There were only 45 people because of the rain, but our convert Leandro went. Then we had lunch and went to an appointment with a new investigator, but it got cancelled. We just did contacting the rest of the day.
Any ways, it was a pretty good week. Very cold, but we're doing good. We're excited because we already have several appointments for this week to get new investigators.

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