Monday, June 6, 2016

Argentina ~week 64

So this week was pretty great. We were able to work hard and receive many blessings.
On Tuesday after the district meeting we had lunch with the Silva family. Then the rest of our appointments were cancelled but we were able to contact some new people to teach.
On Wednesday we had 3 appointments set up. First we were going to teach Olga and answer her question about what happened to her son that committed suicide, because one church told her he went to hell. We were all planned to answer that, but she wasn't home. Then, after lunch we got a new investigator named MarĂ­a, and taught her the restoration. One funny thing that happened was as soon as she grabbed her bible, the power went out. Also, at the end of the lesson we taught her how to pray and her grandson was copying her and she told him to stop but he just copied that too. Then we went to the Ledesma family that we found last week.They asked us the same question that Olga had for us before so we were able to answer easily. They told us that the Jehova's witnesses couldn't answer us, haha. They didn't accept a baptismal invitation, but will keep learning from the Book of Mormon. Then we had mission correlation.
Thursday morning we had a service project, mixing cement to cover a roof. After lunch we taught Facundo, one of the young men that went inactive. He actually called us to visit him, after he had been avoiding us for awhile, and we helped him and he came to church sunday. That night executive committee was cancelled again.
Friday we did weekly planning in the morning. After we got a new investigator, Ruth, Leandro's sister. Before she wasn't interested, until she saw the changes Leandro made. She accepted a baptismal invitation too.
Saturday my companion was sick all day.
Sunday at church none of our investigators showed up. Leandro came, and also one of the Silva family's friends, belen, who later that day became an investigator.
This morning we played soccer at the church then came here to write.
Here's a panorama of our pension, and a picture of our district.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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