Monday, May 23, 2016

Argetnina ~week 62

So this week was a pretty good and busy week.
On Tuesday we had zone conference. We talked about how to work with members, and how to  get referrals. it was pretty good. After that we went out to work and contacted some people.
Wednesday we went to visit Olga but she wasn't home. We contacted until lunch and kept contacting after. At night we had misisonary correlation.
Thursday was also all contacting except for looking for a few people who ended up not being home. Executive committee meeting was cancelled also.
Friday morning we had weekly planning. The rest of the day was contacting except for we visited a less active for about an hour.
Saturday we contacted all day. We went around offering to help people with things like raking leaves, but not very many accepted. That night we had English classes but nobody showed up.
Sunday we went to church. Felisa didn't go again, but Leandro did. He is going to receive the priesthood next week. Then we had lunch and went contacting the rest of the day.
Today we played soccer in Villa España, which is an area close to my old area. When we left, I saw my old convert Elba, from Hudson which was cool.
Anyways this was a very busy week. We didn't get any new investigators, but next week I'm sure we will.
Here are a few experiences that happened:
we talked to an evangelical lady who told us we baptize dead people and that the mormons are the 7 headed lion it talks about in Revelations. She refused to listen to us and walked off.
We offered to help a lady rake leaved, and she completely ignored us as if she were deaf.
Anyways that's it. I forgot to bring my camera here today so I can't send any pictures.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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