Monday, May 9, 2016

Argentina ~week 60

This week went very good. It was kinda crazy with lots of things to do at the end of the transfer.
Tuesday morning we had the last district meeting of the transfer. After that we went back to the pension for lunch, and then went and taught Leandro and looked for new investigators.
Wednesday morning we taught Olga again. She started reading the Book of Mormon on her own. She has some trouble understanding and remembering the things she reads, but we read with her too. She hadn't been praying though so we left the the committment to do that. After that we had lunch, and taught Leando the rest of the Laws and Ordinances that he needed before his baptism. That afternoon we went contacting, and went to missionary correlation.
Thursday morning we went contacting. Our convert Felisa invited us to asado for lunch which was really good. I have a picture of me with one of her grandchildren who is very funny, and a picture of the asado. We were contacting the rest of the day then we went to executive committee meeting.
Friday morning we had weekly planning. Then we had lunch and went out to work. We found a new investigator Ramon who talks really fast and is kind of hard to understand, but he's willing to talk to us so we're gonna see if he will progress. He's funny because he says 'Amen Brother' after everything we say. That night a family invited us to eat homemade pizza at the church,
Saturday we had to go to the church pretty early to get the baptism ready by filling up the water and stuff. We had organized that Leandro's friend Rodney was going to bring him to the church for the baptism, because Leandro doesn't have a phone or very much money to use the bus. Anyways, about an hour before, Rodney tells us that he can't go because he's at a friends house like 2 hours away. We had to call Rodney's family to go look for Leandro and go with him. He showed up 30 minutes late but everything turned out alright. In our hurry, I didn't get a picture with them so I just sent the picture of him with my companion. After the baptism we had English classes.
Sunday morning we had Ward Council meeting. The first one in over 6 months in this ward because they kept cancelling it. At 9:00 Leandro shows up at church, but our ward starts at 10:00. Apparently he didn't want to show up late again, haha. I did the confirmation for him, and I think he'll be receiving the priesthood next week. After church we had lunch, and then went to Skype.
This morning we had transfers meeting. I stayed with my companion again. Elder Pruner who lived with us went to an area in the zone Florencio Varela. And now we live with Elder Doddema, one of my old district leaders. A few other people in our district and zone changed, but not much.
Anyways, that's it for today. Here's the pictures below:
One of our district, a picture of our baptism of Leandro, lunch today, me with bautista one of Felisa's grandchildren, the asado she gave us, and a picture of the tshirts we made with the district.
Anyways it was a very busy week but everything turned out great. We're looking forward to another transfer together and lots of hard work.

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