Monday, December 7, 2015

Argentina ~week 40

This week was also kind of crazy, lots of things happened.
On Tuesday we had District meeting. Our district changed because President did a few changes in the middle of this transfer. Our district leader went to another area, so right now we are just one big district. That night we went to the church to have missionary correlation meeting. When we entered the church we realized that water had been leaking all week since the incident last sunday. There was about a half inch of water covering the floor of about half the church.
Wednesday we visited a few families in the morning. After lunch we got a call and they told us they were bringing us new bikes from the mission. So that was pretty cool. For about 5 transfers the elders in my area have been asking for new bikes and we finally got them. Then when we went out to work, my companion accidentally got us locked out, because our door needs a key to open from the outside and he left the key on the inside of the door. We had to call the rent owner to come open the door for us.
Thursday morning we went to contact a bunch of old investigators. After lunch we went to visit a few less active families, then went and paid our rent. That afternoon it rained alot, and we visited a less active family that has been progressing alot.
Friday morning we visited our investigator Elba Gonzalez who will be getting baptized this Saturday. We taught her the Law of Chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She had no problem with any of that because she had been living like that all her life. After lunch we did weekly planning, and then had a reunion with all the missionaries of the zone because on the 19th there will be a church open house activity.
Saturday we had organized a service activity for our investigator. We announced it in sacrament meeting, and nobody showed up. Oh well, we were still able to help her just us two. After lunch we visited an old lady who turned out to be and old investigator from 2008. Then we visited another person who was a referral from a member. So they were 2 new investigators.
Sunday we had church. About 30 minutes before it started, they started calling everyone saying we had to go to another building because of the water incident on Tuesday. Luckily our investigator was still able to go. After church our lunch was cancelled, so we ate with the elders of the other ward. We found noodles and cans of meatloaf in our pension so we were able to prepare something. Then we met with Elba and taught he about tithing and fast offerings and she loved the idea of fasting and helping other people because she is the type of person who always helps others.
Anyways it was a great week. We were able to do everything we needed to, even though some crazy things happened. We are grateful for the baptism we will have this saturday and for the very prepared investigator we have.
Have  great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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