Monday, November 30, 2015

Argentina ~Week 39

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This week was pretty great. They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here so nothing too interesting happened, until Sunday.
So Tuesday, we had district meeting, then went to lunch, contacted a reference, and visited our investigator Elba Gonzalez. We taught part of the Restoration, and she told us alot about the trials she's had. She accepted a baptismal date for the 12th of December, and she's really excited, and so are we. Then we had mission correlation meeting.
Wednesday we visited a few less actives, and our other progressing investigator, Agustin. We taught him the lesson about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Then we visited another less active family.
Thursday we went to set appointments with a few people. We had lunch, then went to visit less active families with the family we had lunch with.
Friday we had zone conference. They talked alot about the new Christmas stuff with the church. We have cards to hand out to people to invite them to President didn't talk very much because he talked in our zone meeting the week before about faith. After we went to visit some less actives but nobody was home.
Saturday we cleaned a little, and organized more stuff. After lunch we visited a less active who started going to church. Then we visited less actives with a member.
Sunday like I said was kinda crazy. Our investigator Elba Gonzalez came, and actually arrived a little early. She loves going to church, and looks forward to it all week. We had to help her know where to go. Also the ward leaders asked us to get the baptismal font ready for a ward baptism, even though I don't think it's our responsibility. We started filling it, and the water heater wouldn't work unless a button was help down, so the 2nd counselor shoved a knife in the side of the button to hold it in and said it would be fine. On top of that they asked me to play the piano, a song I never played before because it doesn't exist in English, and for that same reason it's not on the automatic player and wanted me to play it. They told me that halfway through sacrament meeting. So we had lots of things on our mind. When I went to play the piano, the pedal was stuck, and also a few keys, so I played horribly and a few people laughed at me. Then after sacrament meeting we saw that the kitched was full of smoke. Apparently the water heater burst into flames we heard from someone. One sister in the ward kept saying it was our fault, half-jokingly. After we got all that taken care of the baptism started. They asked me to give a talk about baptism right before it started, and made me lead all the music. I don't know why, but here, they always plan baptisms last minute. I gave my talk and it went pretty good. After that pretty much everything was alright. So it was a crazy day, but that made it interesting.
Anyways overall we had a great week. We were able to do lots of things and help lots of people. Sorry, I don't have any pictures this week.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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