Monday, December 28, 2015

Argentina ~week 43

So this week was pretty interesting, and great!
Tuesday morning we had district meeting like always. Then I was on exchanges with Elder Jones, our zone leader. And we visited a few families in his area.
Wednesday we tried to contact a few people in the morning. and then in the afternoon we returned to our areas. That afternoon we just visited some less active families.
Thursday we celebrated Christmas Eve. We went to visit a few less actives in the morning and then contacted a referral. At night we celebrated Christmas Eve (there they call is Noche Buena, and it's crazy with lots of fireworks and parties) with the Calegari family and has asado. We all had permission to even stay out until 10:30 (same thing for New Year's)
Friday we had to stay in all day except for Lunch and Skype. I studied alot in the morning to get caught up to finish the book of mormon before the end of the year. We had lunch with the Villar family, a really good family who we helped reactivate. But a few days earlier the mother had to go to the hospital so we had lunch with only the father, which was kind of weird. But we had asado again, and it was good. Then we went and skyped with our families, and then went to the church to play soccer.
Saturday my companion was sick all morning, I think from eating so much meat. But in the afternoon we were able to visit a few less active families.
Sunday morning we got our transfer calls. So during church they had me share my testimony. Also, Elba's husband came and he really liked it. He told us that Elba has gone to so many churches, and none of them helped her as much as this one. That night I went around to a few families to say goodbye, and everyone gave us Pan Dulce (Sweet Bread) which is something they only eat in christmas time. I don't like it, but I ate it anyways. At night we visited the Villar family to say goodbye.
This morning we had transfers. My companion Elder Rios, who I just finished training, is going to train now in my old area. And I got sent to El Cruce, which is the same zone I was already in. I'm with Elder Pruner from Canada, who started his mission like 3 weeks ago so neither of us knows the area and we don't have very many people to teach right now. Also, they split an area close to us, so two more elders are living with us: Elder Orellana who was my 2nd companion here, and Elder Espinola, from Paraguay who is as new as my last companion.
Also the wheels on my suitcases are breaking off, which made it very difficult to get to my new area.
Anyways, here are 2 pictures: Us with the Villar Family, and a selfie in our new pension.
Have a great week everyone and a Happy New Year!
-Elder Severtson

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