Monday, December 14, 2015

Argentina ~week 41

So this week was awesome, and very busy. But, yesterday we had a baptism so it was all worth it!
Tuesday, we had district meeting. One of the best ones I've had, we played Jeopardy with questions that investigators could have and each team answered with scriptures. I learned quite a few scriptures I can use. Then we taught everything else we needed to, to Elba Gonzalez before the baptism. We had to move the baptism to Sunday because she had to work. Then we had missionary correlation.
Wednesday morning we had the baptismal interview for her. We had lunch with the Villar family, then we went to visit a few more families.
Thursday morning we went to visit a few less actives, then we were called and told that after lunch we had to stay in the pension all day, because the country was changing presidents, and sometimes people go crazy. So I read a bunch in the Book of Mormon.
Friday, my companion had to go do things for his Visa. So we had to get up really early to go to the mission office. I had to go back to my area with another companion, eat lunch and then come back again to pick up my companion at 2. They got back late and I was there until like 6. Then we went to visit the Barrios family. They've been members for a long time, then the son went on his mission to Brazil. During his mission, the daughter died of cancer, and the mom went inactive with the other son. She wasn't mad at the church, just didn't like to go because it reminded her of her daughter. Anyways, the son recently came back from the mission, and he helps us with a lot of stuff. And the family is going to church again. But the other son turned 9 so he has to get the discussions from us, so he's going to be a really easy investigator.
Saturday we had a Tormenta Blanca in the Platanos ward so we all went there to work for a few hours. After that we visited Elba Gonzalez and got everything ready for the baptism.
Sunday, we went to church. During sacrament meeting I played the piano as our mission president's wife sang I need thee every hour. It went really good. After church we had the baptism which was very spiritual. My companion did the baptizing and I will confirm her next week.
I've attached pictures of the baptism and of a bird farm close to our pension which has 2 ostriches if you can see the in the picture.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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