Monday, September 7, 2015


This week went pretty good, except many of the appointments we had set had fallen through. Normally we have between 4 and 7 appointments planned each day. We were only able to have like 4 or 5 this whole week.
We have been contacting many people this week trying to find new investigators. We've been going through the list of members looking for less actives and for old investigators and also talking with their neighbors. We haven't found any really good investigators yet, but we have a few that want to talk more and hopefully that goes well.
This week they shut down all the trains to electrify them or something. They said it'll take up to 3 months. So now we have to take buses everywhere and it takes like 45 minutes instead of like 10 to get to the mission office where we go every Tuesday.
Even though almost all our plans fell through, we were able to get one less active to go to church yesterday, the first time in more than a year.
Next week we have stake conference, so that's kind of exciting.

I have 2 pictures this week. One is a building we pass by every few days that says communists. The other is 2 kids of a recent convert family named Tobias and Lisandro.

That's about it. Hopefully this week we will be able to talk with a lot more people. Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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