Monday, September 28, 2015

Argentina~week 30

Last Tuesday we had district meeting and then I was on exchanges until Wednesday with Elder Thomsen from Canada who finishes his mission also next week. It was raining the whole time so it was kind of crazy.
Wednesday after finishing exchanges we had a few lessons and it was still raining like crazy. We got a new investigator, Jesusa, who used to be a jehova´s witness.
Thursday we had one of the zone leaders with us all day for another exchanges. We have an new investigator who used to be an investigator before, named Ramona.
Friday was kind of annoying because all of our appointments fell through.
Saturday was a pretty crazy day. In the afternoon we saw a guy doing yard work and we offered to help. He told us that God sent us for a reason and asked us to move a tarp covered with dirt and branches over to a field two blocks away. So we left our bikes there and dragged the tarp to where he asked us to dump it. As we were about to dump it, a drunk guy began running at us saying we can't do that. He started running at me first, trying to hit me with the glass bottle he had. As I got away from him, he began chasing my companion so I began to move the tarp to another field full of garbage. We were yelling at him that we were going to move it but he just kept chasing us. Then he ran at me again saying 'what are you looking at' so my companion started moving the tarp. So we basically just took turns moving the tarp so he would stop chasing us. He began chasing my companion again saying 'why are you laughing'. Finally we had got far away from the other field so he just left us alone. We dumped the tarp and went back to those people and started teaching them the restoration. About 5 minutes into it he told us they had to leave and to come back later. Anyways, that was a kinda crazy experience, luckily the drunk guy was old and slow.
Sunday was my birthday. After church we had asado with a family, and then had a few small lessons, it was a good day.
This morning we had a small activity and we played soccer, ate cinnamon rolls, and watched Saturday's Warrior.
After this we are going to a member´s family to eat cake for my birthday.
I've attached pictures of me and my companion in front of the church, and what I got for my birthday.
Have a great week everyone!

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