Monday, August 31, 2015

Argentina~week 26

Everything is going good in my new area of Hudson, Quilmes. My companion is Elder Delgado, from California. He looks latino because his dad is from Mexico, but really he never spoke Spanish before the mission.
Tuesday we talked with lots of members and recent converts. I've been meeting so many people, it's hard to remember their names. That night we had an activity in the church.
Wednesday we had our district reunion in the morning. We talked with one of our investigators, and a few less active families. We don't have very many investigators so we're looking for more.
Thursday again looking for many investigators and less actives. In the morning my companion had a reunion of leaders because he is district leader. I had to lead my area in exchanges for a few hours. Luckily we were able to arrive on time to everything. In the afternoon we went looking for old investigators and less actives, and contacting some people at the same time.
Friday morning we had weekly planning, and taught a few of the less actives we found.
Saturday still we kept with looking for people. Luckily we were able to teach some of the contacts we had been making. We had the craziest lesson I've ever had. The day before we talked to a kid on the street about the restoration. He was trying to share what he believed but couldn't and told us to come another day to speak with him mom too. Saturday we went and he wasn't there, but his mom and I think his sister. They began telling us they are from the evangelical church and they are prophets. They began to ask us what we believe but everytime we mentioned the restoration and Joseph Smith they kept saying that they only believe in Jesus and not Joseph Smith, and never listened when we said Joseph is just a prophet. Apparently a lot of people think we believe that Joseph Smith is Jesus reincarnated or something weird like that. Anyways they kept asking us questions like about 'baptisms for the dead' and many other things, and trying to argue with us. Also, they kept interrumpting with things like 'The spirit is telling me to read this scripture' and reading something out of context or that doesn't make sense like 'My son, follow the path of Jesus and don't go astray' or 'whoever adds to this book will be condemned' and things like that. So I decided to start with something they'll agree with to start on common ground. We explained the Godhead and how God calls prophets to teach his gospel. After agreeing with everything about prophets and how Jesus established his church, we began with the apostasy and showing them that the bible says that there will be an apostasy. After teaching all that and the restoration and book of mormon it was clear that they understood everything. They ended up saying that they'll read the book of mormon and the next time we come there might be more people. Anyways we think they're just gonna invite their leaders to argue with us because they don't know what else to say. People can't prove us wrong no matter how hard they try, because the bible supports everything we say. It's why they always try to read things out of context.
Anyways, Sunday we had a video stake conference, and kept looking for people.
The people here can be a lot more harder and ignorant than before. But I love that they can't prove us wrong no matter how hard they try.
Sorry, I don't have any pictures of this area yet.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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