Monday, October 5, 2015

Argentian~week 31

So this week went by like super fast because we were always going on exchanges and stuff because my companion was in his last week. We had to travel a lot, and my companion had to say goodbye to lots of people.
Tuesday we had district meeting, which went well. Afterwards we had a few different lesson with less actives.
Wednesday my companion had interviews for his last week. I was with Elder Rubilar in my district, and we worked a little in both our areas.
Thursday my companion got permission to visit someone from his old area in the hospital. Besides that we just taught a few recent converts.
Friday I was on exchanges again as my companion was in the temple. We worked in both of our areas again.
Saturday and Sunday we had General Conference. My companion said goodbye to lots of people also.
Today we had Transfers meeting in the morning and I'm with an Elder Kavea from Australia until I get my new companion tomorrow. I will be training someone tomorrow.
Here is a video from my birthday attached

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