Monday, July 27, 2015

Argentina~week 22

Another great week here in Argentina again. At the end of each week it always seems weird to think that another week already passed.
Monday - After PDay we had a family night activity with a family.
Tuesday - We set goals as a zone to give away one book of mormon every day. We had intercambios that day, and I was with Elder Stevenson. Several people asked if we were brothers or cousins or something because of our similar names. We had several good lessons that day.
Wednesday - We had missionary correlation in the morning. Almost all of our plans got canceled, so we spent some time finding new people to teach.
Thursday - A crazy day. In the morning, the Zone leaders moved into our pension, because theirs lost its contract and need a new one. They will be with us like a month. Then the people that fix the pensions came to fix some things. They decided to cook an asado for us (which is like a bunch of steak), even though we already had a lunch planned. We went to our lunch first and it just happened to be an asado also. So we ate a whole bunch. At the lunch he was telling us a story of elders in his mission that the same thing happened to them.
Friday - About half our lessons got canceled, but we found a whole family to teach.
Saturday - We had a lunch where I cooked pancakes and my companion cooked 'arroz chaufa' a type of peruvian food.
Sunday - We had 2 family night activities with less actives. And we found a new investigator named Claudio.
This morning was zone activity. We made little music videos in groups, and ate pizza.
Anyways it was a good week. We got several new investigators. It's crazy because normally its really hard to get them to pray at the end of the lesson, but with the 2 families we found, they easily accepted to do it.
Anyways, the pictures I attached are: 1. The big Bible and Book of Mormon we made to catch attention when we go to the fair (probably next friday). 2. The meat for the asado. 3. The cups from the movie Minions that we bought at the store for 10 pesos.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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