Monday, July 13, 2015

Argentina~week 20

Another great week here in Argentina. On Tuesday we traveled to Quilmes, our new mission office to meet our new mission president. He is President Núñez from Chile. He's really cool. He's changed  a few rules also. Now we can play instruments in the pension, meet with our zone every P-Day, and drink Mate (the national drink of Argentina). Also, I heard that he helped organize the video of David Archuleta (Nunca Pensé).
Wednesday we had District Meeting in the morning. Thursday was Argentina´s independance day. The youth organized an activity in the church where they danced, we ate Locro, and then played soccer. Here are some pictures below.
The past few days we've been trying to have more family nights with the members to get the in the habit of doing it. It seems like many people only go to activities in the church and nothing else. We have a family night, and invite other closeby members so everyone can meet other members close by.
Late last night we received the information about the transfers. Everyone was nervous because normally we receive the information Friday or Saturday, and they wouldn't be able to say goodbye to anyone. Hardly anything changed because this transfer was only 2 weeks long because of the mission split. Now I'm with Elder Racchumí in my same area, and Elder Pazmiño, who was in our trio, is going to train. A new missionary comes tomorrow and I hope he is from the United States so I can help him with Spanish. Anyways it's exactly what I thought would happen. haha.
Anyways, the weather here is still the same. It rains a ton, gets muddy and cold. Then it slowly warms up then happens again. It just rained a ton yesterday, so we'll be walking in mud again the next few days.
Anyways have a great week everyone. I'll send a video and a few more pictures in another email.

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