Monday, July 20, 2015

Argentina~week 21 -6 months!

Another great week this week. I always forget what happened this week, and what happened other weeks because the time goes so fast here. I can't believe I already have 6 months here.
Last Tuesday we went to pick up the new missionary, Elder Venegas from Chile. That night we had an appointment to teach the Bayona family. I think I mentioned before, the parents are members, got baptized like 15 years ago when they were a young couple, but haven't gone to church since then. Well, we got them coming back to church, they came 3 times to sacrament meeting but came halfway through it every time. And here, sacrament meeting is the last meeting. But anyways, we're praparing their 10 year old son for baptism and they're really excited. We're also preparing his dad to be able to baptize him. Anyways, on Tuesday we arrived at their house a little nervously because on Sunday he told us he's having a problem with his kids and needs our help. When we arrived, he told us that his 2 kids, the 10 year old son, and the daughter, 7 years old that is too shy to talk to us, always fight on who's going to say the prayer, haha. We were worried that it would be something completely different.
Wednesday was great, because now we don't have to work in both areas as a group of 3 missionaries, and were able to work in our area all day. We set lots of plans for the week, and contacted some new people.
Thursday my companion had a meeting since he is district leader. I was in exchanges almost all day. We returned around 6 oclock, and ready to work. We brought a member with us to teach, and the 4 lessons we had planned to teach all fell through.
Friday was pretty good. We had planning in the morning, and after lunch we met with a few people to teach. We have a new investigator who listened to missionaries before, but didn't like it because we have the Book of Mormon. When we explained what it was, and that we believe in the Bible too, they were really excited.
Saturday morning we were able to go to an activity of the Young Men to play soccer, eat pizza, and then share some scriptures. We had a service activity in the afternoon that took way more time than we thought it would.
Sunday after church we had lunch with some members, and watched part of the movie 'The Saratov Approach', when 2 missionaries get kidnapped in Russia. There is a part when someone calls their families and tells about when he was kidnapped in his mission and how he felt. Then he said he served his mission in Argentina. That scared us a little bit... not really but it was funny.
Anyways, this morning we took a bus about an hour to Quilmes to go to Walmart, Jumbo, and look around at some places. It was pretty cool.
Have a great week everyone!

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