Monday, October 31, 2016

Argentina ~week 85

Hi Everyone! Sorry about last week I couldn't write much because I had lots of travel to get to my new area.
Now I'm in the Coast, in a place called San Bernardo. I live a few blocks away from the beach and not very many people live here. They say in the summer many people have vacation homes and come and stay here and that there are lots of tourists.
So on Tuesday I basically unpacked, we cleaned, wrote a little bit to you guys, bought the stuff I needed for the week, and had a correlation meeting with the ward mission leader.
Wednesday we went to visit some less actives, then it started raining like crazy so we went to clean clothes and our pension for a while. We were able to do a little contacting then visited a less active.
Thursday we had our zone meeting. Travel here is really expensive and far. We had to get up early to take a bus at 6:30, because the buses only come every few hours. Then we had to wait a few hours for the meeting to start. After the meeting we had to wait for the next bus, and then got back around 5 and had dinner with a less active member.
Friday we did weekly planning in the morning. After lunch we were taking our bikes to the farthest part of our area, but they started having problems, so we had to walk them all the way back. Then we visited a less active family. Then we had to stop by with the other elders in the ward, because one of them got Chicken Pox and we had to help them buy medicine.
Saturday I got sick. Just a fever, headache all that kind of stuff. I slept alot and studied basically all day.
Sunday we went to church in the morning. Then we had lunch, helped the other elders with the sacrament and that's basically all.
Anyways, next week will be great. Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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