Monday, October 10, 2016

Argentina ~week 82

This week was a great week.
On Tuesday we had district meeting in the morning. Then we taught an investigator who is from the Universal Church, a big Evangelical church. She talks alot, but generally accepts what we tell her. Then we went contacting and taught English Classes.
On Wednesday morning we had interviews with our Mission President. We were planning to come back by 1 and work, but there were several delays and we didn't get back until like 5. Then we had a ward family night in the church.
During the interviews they had given us the challenge to give out 20 book of Mormons the next day. On Thursday we had lots of appointments and we had to travel alot but we managed to get 8. Now we have the goal of 5 per day. We set up lots of appointments for Saturday.
On Friday we did weekly planning in the morning. In the afternoon we taught several people. Natalia, a less active who stopped going to church a few years ago because her son would misbehave. We read Ether 12:4 with her and left her to read Mosiah 4:11-14, and the story of Alma the younger in Mosiah 27. She came to church on Sunday which was cool. We also found two new investigators which were old investigators a few years ago. They didn't like the idea of sacrifice, things like getting up early to go to church each week. We shared Mosiah 2:41 and talked about to Joy of living the Gospel, like many people talked about in General Conference. Afterwards we could tell that they understood very well, and had a great desire to keep the commandments.
Saturday we had several appointments set up. We called almost all the members we could think of, because we needed someone to come with us to the appointments that were women. Nobody was able to come. So we went anyways, hoping that there would already be men in the house, if not, we were going to cancel. But is turns out none of them, were home anyways. Then we taught a less active family.
On Sunday we went to church in the morning. Unfortunately none of our investigators came, we'll see this week what happened. Then we went to a 'white storm' in another area in our stake and helped them for a few hours.
Today we had our district activity and made homemade hamburgers in the church building and then played UNO and some other games we had.
Anyways, that's all for this week. Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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