Monday, June 20, 2016

Argentina ~week 66

So this week was pretty busy nothing too big or exciting. Also, I don't have very much time so I have to write quickly. This week we didn't have a lot of time to work because we've been planning an open chapel, but now I'm not going to be there.
Tuesday we had district meeting and in the afternoon we had several appointments that got cancelled.
Wednesday I was on exchanges all day with Elder Araneda, my district leader's companion.
Thursday we visited several people throughout the day. Including Felisa our convert from like 3 months ago.
Friday we had weekly planning and then lunch with Felisa. We did some contacting in the afternoon. That night they called us and told us our transfers, but only if we went or not, they didn't tell us where.
Saturday we had a white storm in Berazategui, the ward next door to ours so we were there almost all day. Then we had to come back in the afternoon to teach English Classes, and plan the open chapel we are going to have.
Sunday was a great day at church. Felisa came, and I was able to take some pictures with a few people. We had lunch with the Silva family then in the afternoon I packed.
This morning I went to transfer meeting. My new companion is Elder Drake from Texas, he has 2 transfers in the mission, and I'm in a new area in a new zone - Villa Elisa in La Plata. It's pretty close by my other wards, in fact it borders my first two. It's a small ward, only about 40 actives according to my companion, and we share the ward with two sister missionaries, so anyways we'll probably be cooking in the pension alot.
Also now I'm a district leader in charge of 11 other missionaries. Some of them I know from before, so that's pretty cool. I'm grateful for the new responsibilities.
Anyways, I'm like out of time, so I'll let you know more next week.
Here are some picture of me with Felisa, me with my old companion, and our new pension. Also I'll send another email with a few more pictures.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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