Monday, October 26, 2015

Argentina ~Week 34

So Tuesday morning we had Zone Meeting. On Tuesdays we normally switch off between 2 families for lunches. But this week one family gave us lunch to go, and after we ate, the other family called and said they were waiting for us. They forgot they gave us lunch the week before, so basically we had to eat 2 lunches, it was crazy. Also that night we had mission correlation meeting.
Wednesday morning we went to go visit some less actives people told us about, and we also talked with some old investigators. Anyways, we had a lesson with 2 of the old investigators that night so now we have 2 more investigators, but they don't know how to read so it's a little hard.
Thursday we did service moving dirt in the morning, and also contacted some old investigators. We talked with some recent converts that night too.
Friday we talked with some less actives who left the church because the church said they lost their baptism records and might need to get baptized again, so we're trying to see what we can do about it.
Saturday we found some more old investigators who told us to visit them this week, so hopefully that goes good. and we visited some other less actives.
Sunday my companion got a flat tire on the way to our lunch so we were walking and found a less active who invited us to give her a blessing and visit her later in the week. After lunch we contacted a few more references and had a meeting with our ward mission leader.
That's about all we did this week. Sorry, I don't have any pictures again, hopefully next week I will.
Have a great week everyone!

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