Tuesday, February 10, 2015

MTC Week 4 - Elder Severtson

Hey everybody!
I can't believe it's already my 4th week at the MTC (or as some call it, the "Empty Sea", haha)
Tomorrow, we are getting a new district in our zone, 4 new Elders and 4 new Sisters arriving tomorrow! It'll be cool!
My Spanish is improving lots each week, I'm finding the I can read and write most things, and I'm starting to be able to talk much faster! I can usually understand mostly when people are talking, hopefully its not too different hearing Argentine accents. It's crazy how much progress we can make here.
Well, here's what happened this week:
After P-Day on Tuesday, that night we had a devotional. Brother and Sister Schwitzer talked. Sister Schwitzer talked about how we have one shot on this mission and we have to make it count. Brother Schwitzer talked about that if we are having trouble knowing if doctrine is true, we can know simply by living by it. As we live the commandments we will grow our testimony that it is true simply but the happiness we receive from living by it.
On Wednesday we had service in the morning, and we had class most of the day. During our last class we read Ether 2 about when they crossed the ocean. It's cool how you can compare that story to going on your mission or just life in general.
On Thursday we just had class all day, and practice teaching about the Doctrine of Christ.
On Friday we had more class. We did an activity where we taught 10 minute lessons through all the lessons up to baptism
Saturday had nice weather so we got to study outside during our study time.
So each week we write talks about a topic they give us, and on Sundays the choose two random people to give their talks in spanish. I got chosen and had to give my talk about the book of Mormon. Luckily, I always prepare a talk.
Monday we did a Skype meeting with a member in Argentina about the Holy Ghost, but it was kind of hard to understand because the sound quality was pretty low.
And then today we just went to the temple and are doing laundry right now.
Anyways, on Sunday night we had devotional about how the Lord doesn't call the qualified, but he qualifies those he calls. Never feel like you aren't good enough, because you will be when the Lord needs you, as long as you are willing to work hard and have faith. Just remember, any bad feelings such as feeling like you aren't good enough are always coming from the devil.

Anyways, Have a great week everyone! I can't wait until two more weeks I am going to Argentina!
-Elder Severtson

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