Monday, March 7, 2016

Argentina ~week 52

This week was a good week and in ended with a baptism!
Tuesday we went looking for people to teach. After lunch and District MEeting we went to go teach Hilda but she wasn't there. We taught a less active family, the Rondan family and small lesson.
Wednesday most of the day we went looking for people to teach from the old investigators list. We had lunch with the Jerez family, and then we visited Felisa and shared with her 2 Nephi 28:30.
Thursday morning we did service with the Morel family, a less active family who has one married son in a neighboring ward who wants us to visit them alot. We moved rock and dirt for like 2 hours with broken shovels without handles. Then we had lunch with the Godoy family and that night we had executive committee meeting.
Friday morning my companion had Tramites, which is like paperwork and other stuff for the Visa. We took an hour busride to Quilmes to drop him off, I came back to my area with Elder Tolman another hour busride. 45 minutes later they told us they finished early, so we had another hour busride there, and another hour back. That was exhausting. Then, Felisa had invited us to lunch to eat pizza and we shared with her Alma 32, 42-43. And that night we had mission correlation meeting.
Saturday morning we did weekly planning because we couldn't friday morning. Then we got all ready for the baptism Saturday afternoon. It was great! My companion baptized her and then I confirmed her. We did the baptismal service with the Berazategui ward, who had 2 little girls getting baptized. Then that night we got a new investigator, Olga, and old lady that wants to learn about the church. She is having a hard time because 2 of her sons died in the past few years.
At church on Sunday we had the confirmation of Felisa. We came home and cooked lunch. Then visited a few families. Next week we have stake conference and it will be cool to see people from my last ward.
Pictures: This week I made pancakes. Also we have a lizard living in our bathroom. He just goes all over the place and has stayed there already a couple days. And then a picture from Felisa's baptism.
Anyways this week was great to be able to have Felisa's baptism. She always tells us that she is being an example for the rest of her family and she has faith that they will be blessed for her decision too!
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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