Monday, February 15, 2016

Argentina ~week 50

So this week has been kinda interesting, but great!. On Monday was transfers, so Elder Pruner stayed with his new companion Elder Gatto in our pension and I stayed with Elder Redzich in Quilmes.
Tuesday we just had a little bit of time to get ready for our new companions then we went to the mission offices. Now I'm training Elder Meza from Santiago Chile! He's 18, and likes to play soccer. Also like 2 other people in our district are training and a bunch in our zone. Also, when we left we were kind of lost because it was a holiday and there was a parade so the bus we usually take wasn't at the normal busstop and we had to ask directions alot because nobody knew where it was.
Wednesday morning we had Elder Meza's for lesson with Felisa. We taught her about the Day of Rest in a Liahona magazine. She really liked it and we're going to help her get subscribed to the Liahona. Then we went shopping so he could buy his food for the week, and then we had district meeting. That night we visited the Silva family. That night was the first night this week without electricity.
Thursday night we visited the Perez family. A family where the kids are less actives and the parents aren't members. We visit them every once in a while because they are a really nice family. They can't go to church because they always work on Sundays, but we are trying to help them. Then we had lunch with the Silva family. Then we went to set up appointments with investigators and less actives. And that night we had executive comittee meeting. We had electricity a few hours during the day and then it went out all night.
Friday I had to do tramites, which is like paperwork for the visa here. Apparently they lost the FBI clearance for a lot of people when the mission changed, so I have to do all the fingerprint stuff again. We went to capital in a taxi to do it. And I attached a picture here. After that we got back pretty late and had to go to ward mission correlation, or whatever its called. We also had no electricity that whole night. Some of the neighbors protested by burning tires in the streets, which blocked all traffic, and I attached a picture. It was really hot that night because we couldn't use fans, and we couldn't open the windows because of all the smoke. But, we talked to the Elders in charge of the pensions about all the problems we've been having. Before, they said they were going to move the two elders that live with us to a new pension, but now they are looking for a new one for all 4 of us.
Saturday we did weekly planning, had lunch with the Jerez family. We taught Felisa about Tithing and fast offerings. and that night we were invited to the youth mutual activity then we played soccer in the end.
Sunday we went to church. Felisa went and told us she loved it alot. Her baptism will probably be on the 27th. The whole ward loves how now there are 4 elders in the ward. We still have a problem with the lunches. We passed out a calendar for lunches for both companionships, and nobody signed up. Also, We had to find a new person to wash our clothes, and only one hermana said she could do it and that it would take a whole week each time. We are hoping to be able to fix all these problems. We had lunch with one of the few families that helps us with lunches, then we brought our laundry to the hermana. After that we just visited a few less active families.
Today in the morning we went shopping and then played soccer with other missionaries. Tonight we have a family night with the silva family.
Anyways, it was a great week. We got a lot of things done in the little time we had that wasn't taken up by meetings.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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