Monday, February 1, 2016

Argentina ~week 48

This week was pretty good. We started off with going to the temple on tuesday and then had a week full of work.
Monday after PDay we went and had a family night with the Silva family, a big family who are some less actives, and some actives. We talked about the difference between our plans for life, and God's plans for our life.
Tuesday we got up early and went to the temple with our whole zone. We took a bus all the way there through capital. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but I'm working on getting the pictures from someone else. It was really cool, my first time going in Spanish. Then we had a lesson with our investigator Hilda and invited a young couple who are both returned missionaries. It was an awesome lesson and now she really understands the restoration.
Wednesday morning we went to set up appointments with people, then we had district meeting and watched the missionary broadcast that we missed last week because there was no internet. Then we went to visit Felisa, our investigator whose granddaughter last week told us she didn't want us to come back. Felisa had no idea her granddaughter said that, and she told us none of it is true. We taught her lesson 3, the gospel of Jesus Christ, which she understood and remembered really well from the elders before us.
Thursday we had a lesson with a returned missionary who is the only member in his family. We want to be able to teach his family. After lunch and family cancelled a family night with us, then we went to the asado with Felisa and her family. Most of her family is nice to us, but one of her sons was just trying to argue with us and telling us that United States is ruining the world, and that the church is bad for always building temples and stuff instead of helping people. We wanted to explain to him, but he wouldn't listen. But the asado was good and we shared Mosiah 2:41 with 4 Nephi 1:15-18.
Friday morning we did weekly planning. then after lunch we started exchanged with our zone leader. I stayed in our area with Elder Stevenson. I had done exchanges with him in my first area too. We taught Hilda again with those members and watched the restoration movie. She really wanted to go to church on Sunday after that.
Saturday morning we visited a less active family Insaurralde, who another member told us to visit. Then we had lunch with the Jerez family, and old and poor couple. Then we switched back from exchanges and went to visit Felisa. We taught her the 10 commandments. Then we went to the church because a member invited us to help him clean it because nobody helps here.
On Sunday we went to church and none of our investigators made it. I was kind of upset at first because Felisa and Hilda both told us they would go. But there was a less active who lives behind the family Insaurralde who went. There was no Gospel Principles teacher so they asked us to teach the lesson on agency. It was pretty good for not being prepared. After church we had lunch with the Piñol family, the ones who came with us to visit Hilda the other two days. Then we went to visit our investigators and see why they didn't come to church. Hilda told us she really wanted to go with her son but her other kids got into a big fight and according to her there were threatenings and the police had to get involved and I think she said one of her kids had to move out. When we got to her house she was crying and looked like she was having a really hard time. We shared several comforting scriptures with her like Isaiah 41:10-13, Alma 7:10-13, and D&C122:7 about all bad things serving as experience in the end. She told us that really helped because she remembered after the problem her daughter who isn't religious at all grabbed the scriptures and started reading for comfort. She told us that she was alright now because 'if one person comes closer to God, that whole bad experience was worth it'. Felisa told us she didn't go because she was at her daughter's house, and had gotten all ready to go. Then someone came to the door for paperwork and she kept talking for like an hour and it got later. Which sounds likely because she talks ALOT. Lastly, we had a young man named Facundo who's 18 come to a lesson with us. Facundo is the only member in his family, and his mom listened to the missionaries before and liked it but didn't have time. Anyways, he came with us to visit a lady who stopped us on the road and asked what we do and why we do it, but she wasn't there. So we visited Facundo's mom, Mabel. She was glad we visited her. She had actually gone to church many times before, and decided to go that day because she had time. She told us she want's to get baptized, but first wants to listen a lot more and have more faith and knowledge first.
Anyways, it was a pretty good and successful week. Especially at the end. I was kind of sad a first that no investigators had come to church, and hardly any members were even there. But that afternoon we had lots of good lessons and I believe that they'll come next week. We finished the week and realized we had beaten some of our records this week like new investigators and weekly lessons taught.

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