Monday, January 11, 2016

Argentina ~week45

This week I will complete one year in my mission! It's crazy to think I've already been out that long.
This week was pretty good. On Tuesday morning we went to look for some less actives then in the afternoon we had district meeting. In the afternoon a lady came up to us and told us that before the elders were teaching her, and she wanted us to teach her more and invited us on friday.
Wednesday we did exchanges with the Assistants to the President. We visited a few people and found quite a few new potential investigators.
Thursday we met with a less active, and two old investigators families. We found a family where the kids are members but the parents aren't because they aren't married. Anyways they receive us very well, so we're working with them.
Friday we did weekly planning, had lunch with a family, we visited the lady we talked to on tuesday. She believes lot of weird things, but she is very interested in what we tell her. We also met with the ward mission leader.
Saturday We had lunch with the family I talked about Thursday. Then we had 3 appointments with investigators that got cancelled. We went to one and there was a kid outside. We talked to him and he said his parents who we went to talk with weren't there. We kept talking to him, then suddenly a girl runs out and throws a bucket of water on me. Apparently the kid was her brother and did the same to her right before and that's why he was outside. The girl went to get revenge and didn't see us and threw the bucket all over me. It was kinda funny though. That night we prepared our talks we were asked to give Sunday.
Sunday we went to church. None of our investigators went :(. We gave our talks and everything went good. We had a family night and contacted a few people.
Anyways, that's about all this week. Have a great time everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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