Monday, January 18, 2016

Argentina ~week 46

So this week I completed a year in the mission and my companion had his birthday. Besides that, not too much happened.
Monday after PDay we were walking around and a member told us he had someone for us to visit. He showed us the house, and introduced us and we had a pretty good lesson. The guy's name was Daniel, but his wife and kids refused to listen when we invited them. But he invited to come on Saturday to teach him again.
Tuesday morning we had zone meeting which went pretty well. A guy from the area 70 spoke about goals and what it takes to reach them. Then we had lunch, and a lesson with Hilda, an investigator who found us and told us the elders met with her before. We've taught her a few times, she always listens and has good questions, and keeps her commitments (except for going to church) but hopefully we can help her with that. After we met with our ward mission leader.
Wednesday morning we had to go early to lunch because we had interviews at 2. We had interviews with president and he talked to everyone about the importance of goals. We got back and the day was pretty much over.
Thursday morning we found two new investigators. We invited them to pray at the end, and they thanked God that we came, and asked that we could come again. Hopefully that goes well. We'll visit them again this week. We also visited Felisa, an old investigator who didn't get baptized before because she was living with a guy who didn't want to get married with her. But her family did, and now the guy died a few years ago so she wants to get baptized. She told us she already has a testimony of the restoration and everything. She invited us back on saturday.
Friday was my companions birthday. I was kind of annoying because nobody invited us over, but it's alright. We did weekly planning in the morning, and in the afternoon we met with Hilda again and met with the ward mission leader again. Then we went and got ice cream for his birthday.
Saturday was a crazy day. We were in the street almost all day looking for people. We found a drunk homeless guy who we gave a restoration pamphlet to during the week. He was actually reading it when we saw him. He told us he likes our religion, he just can't stop smoking and drinking. He also wants a book of mormon. Hopefully we can help him out with his problems. The rest of the day everyone that had invited us wasn't home.
Sunday we went to church. None of our investigators came, even though almost all said they would. Hopefully they have a real excuse and nothing bad happened. Then we were supposed to have ward council but bishop cancelled it again. He keeps doing that, and the ward hasn't had council for months. We want to bring up a few things so we can get more people to visit with us and things like that. Also, nobody ever invites us for lunch on sundays in this ward for some reason. So we had boiled potatoes. Also, my companion got sick so we were in the pension the rest of the day.
Today we had district activity and played soccer. I'll try to get the picture we took from someone else.
Anyways that's about all. I'll try to remember to take more pictures this week. Wednesday I have to go to the mission office in the morning for something with my Visa. Also we have a broadcast for all the missionaries that day. And next tuesday our whole zone is going to the temple!
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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