Monday, November 21, 2016

Argentina ~week 88

Subject: A great, successful week!

This week that we had was very good and we were able to accomplish alot.
So on Tuesday we were contacting pretty much all day. We found a new investigator named Claudio, who is from the evangelical church, but left them because he doesn't like how they always talk about weath and temporal things. We taught him the restoration and he agreed to read and pray.
On Wednesday we did lots of contacting again. We clapped at a door and a guy named Javier came out and invited us in and we shared a message with him, his wife, and his mom. They are really cool investigators, they used to live in my old area, they have and uncle and cousins that are mormon, and they really liked us and actually asked us to come back again. It was really cool.
Thursday we had the traveling Elders with us. They are elders that go visit all the areas and help contact and find new investigators. We did lots of contacting with them and found 3 new investigators.
Friday morning, we did a service project for our branch president's family and helped them move lots of stuff, because they are building a new house. In the afternoon we did more contacting, and then had dinner with hermano Cardozo.
Saturday we did weekly planning in the morning, then had lunch. In the afternoon we visited Javier and his family again. Then are reading and praying and they like everything we teach them. The difficulty with them is that Javier is on house arrest for robbing alot when he was younger. He's trying to see if he can get permission to go to church still, and we're praying that they'll let him.
Sunday we had church in the morning. Then we had lunch, and left to go contacting. We started talking with two young couples outside talking, they asked us alot of questions and we ended up talking for more than an hour. They told us to come by next week.
So it was a really good week. We ended up with 11 new investigators, who are all pretty interested.
Anyways, here's a picture we took by the entrance of our area.
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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