Monday, September 12, 2016

Argentina ~week 78

Hi everybody, it was a great week this week! We were able to have our Church Open House and end the week with transfers today.
On Monday it was pretty much Normal PDay. It rained all-day so at night we just planned for the Church Open House.
On Tuesday we had the last district meeting for the transfer. I bought an alfajor for everyone in my district because the begged me too, haha. Alfajores are like a type of cookie in argentina. Their basically like soft graham cracker cookies dipped in chocolate is the best I can describe them. There are many different brands and types. I've attached a picture of my district and my zone this transfer. We didn't realize that the board in the back said 'repent and return to the Lord' haha. That afternoon it rained like crazy and we had to cancel English Classes because there was no power in the church.
On Wednesday we went to look for some of out investigators in the morning. In the afternoon we went to the farthest part of our area to invite everyone to the open house for saturday. That night we had a Family Night in the church.
On Thursday we did some contacting in the morning, then in the afternoon we kept contacting and inviting people for saturday. We also printed off invitations and taped them to some of the bus stops. That night we had a ward council.
On Friday we did weekly planning in the morning. In the afternoon we finished all the preparations for saturday, printing off maps and lists of people to go visit. That night they called us about our transfers for today.
On Saturday we had the open house. In the morning about 16 missionaries from the stake came, and did divisions to visit less actives and investigators, and contact new people. We got a lot of referrals from that. In the afternoon was the open house. Unfortuntalely not very many people came, but it was still a good experience for the members and the few people that came.
On Sunday we went to church. Several less actives that we invited came. That afternoon we visited a few families so my companion could take pictures and say goodbye.
Today we had transfers. On Friday they surprised us when they said my companion was leaving, we though for sure either I left or we'd stay together because he's new here, but nope. We had to take all his suitcases to the mission home on the buses in the rain, and then come back with my new companion's stuff. His name is Elder Cortes, from Colombia. He has a few months less that I do in the mission. We're excited to work together and we have lots to do after the open house on Saturday with all the referrals we got.
Here are the pictures for this week:
Have a great week everyone!
-Elder Severtson

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