Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Argentina ~Week 57

This week was a great week! We worked really hard after having been stuck inside almost all the time for a week.
Tuesday morning we had District Meeting, and then we started exchanges. Elder Meza went with our District Leader Elder Guirin, and I stayed with Elder Araneda. We went contact in the streets and taught the Restoration to our investigator Olga. She can't walk so we told her we'd look for someone to drive her to church and she wanted to go.
Wednesday morning we had a service with Felisa helping her remove a few trees from her yard, then we had lunch with her. After that we finished exchanges, and did contacting the rest of the day.
Thursday we did lots of contacting. Almost the whole day we were knocking on doors and talking to people on the street, which is very tiring when it's all in one day.
Friday morning we had weekly planning and then had lunch with the Silva family. We went to visit a young man, Facundo, who was doing really good, but recently stopped going to church, but he wasn't home. We went to Berazategui to start exchanges. At 6 we taught Leando, in the Silva family's house. He's 15 and is one of the kid's friends. He is very shy, but he likes all the church stuff. I think he will probably end up getting baptized. We contacted people the rest of the day.
Saturday morning we did contacting all morning and then had lunch. Our only appointment that day got cancelled. We ended exchanges then stayed at the church to teach English clases. Us and the neighboring ward had the idea to teach English clases in the church. This was the first day. Not very many people were there, mostly just other missionaries. I have to teach it because I'm like the only one who knows both languages good enough. There were just a few people from mutual which was right before.
Sunday morning we went to church. The past few days before we we calling people to see if they could drive Olga to church. Not many people here have cars, and they said they were all busy. It was kind of frustrating, we couldn't bring her because of that. But Leandro came to church and liked it alot. In priesthood, we started talking about how people need to do their visits. Hardly anyone in the ward does the visits and a lot of people go inactive because of that. I think we helped them realize that. Then we had lunch and went to some appointments we had with future investigators but none of them were home. So we just did more contacting.
It was a great week, we contacted more than 80 people, and many will probably be new investigators this week. Here are some picture of our new pension. Anyways, that's about it this week.

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