Tuesday, January 20, 2015

First Week at the MTC

The mission is going awesome so far. My first week here at the MTC was great! We've already taught several "investigators", which are just people that pretend to be investigators. I've already seen lots of improvements in my teaching and Spanish.
My district is awesome! We have 11 people: 4 companionships of Elders and a trio of sisters. I don't know if you guys already got the letter I sent home on Friday... if not you'll probably get it soon. My companion is Elder Giron and we share a room with Elder Bailey and Elder Grider. Elder Giron is going to Argentina too, but a different mission. I put other information about that in the letter I sent. We all get along great.
This morning our whole zone got up at 5:00 AM to go to the temple at 6:00. It was an awesome experience. Hardly anyone was there because we woke up early, and then afterwards we ate at the temple cafeteria. Speaking about food, the food here is alright, just depends on what it is really.
I've been writing in my journal every night so that is going well. Each day feels long because we do so much and have lots of personal or classroom study time.
So, from the airport I was able to find everything alright. Ended up on the plane sitting by some other elders going to Argentina, but different missions. The flight was good and the shuttle was pretty easy to find so I didn't have any problems. I ended up getting here around noon and we went pretty much straight to class. Spanish is coming along well, I've already noticed I'm able to speak alot better and faster than before and I'm learning alot. I've already memorized the missionary purpose and the first vision in Spanish, and I want to eventually memorize other things like the Articles of Faith, that would really help with learning the Gospel Words.
I like teaching the investigators, each itme we do, we find something we can do better at and fix it next time. Alot of my district can speak faster Spanish than me, but I guess that's good because then I can just learn better. When people speak Spanish fast, I can understand most of what they are saying, it's still kind of hard to reply though.
So, I have told my district I can play piano and stuff, but we have a few piano players so I haven't had the chance to yet. That stinks about the app being rejected but it's easy to fix. Just delete the button in both of the .storyboard files, delete it in the LoginViewController.h button, and delete all references to it in the LoginViewController.m file and I think it should be good. Have you checked if the tower defense game I made was accepted yet? Just curious, but I guess it doesn't really matter.
So, anyways, everything is going good, we all get along well, I'm learning a lot of Spanish, and I even took a few pictures. I'm doing laundry right now so I'll be on for a litle bit if you want to know about anything else.
This morning they told us that the FBI Clearances are taking too long so they're having a bunch of us redo it. They took a bunch of us to the police station to get fingerprinted, and I think they're expediting this one or something. They said it shouldn't delay our missions or anything so that's good. I met a few other elders going to the same misison as me, and one was from Gilbert, AZ which was cool. I think that's all, so I'll send you more stuff next week unless you email me back right now

I love it here so much! Here are some pictures:

I'll see if I have time to borrow someone's sdcard with the pictures of our whole zone we took at the temple.

I just emailed Bentley and Cal. I think I'm almost out of email time, so maybe I'll be able to send you pictures of our zone at the temple next time! I'll take pictures next time. Last time we thought they said not to take pictures or something, but then changed their mind or something. I'll be sure to bring my camera next time though.

Anyways, I think we're off to lunch now.

Love you,
-Elder Severtson

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